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Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 15-03-2019
Packed Trail Base (cm): 35
New Snow (72 hrs): 28
Grooming: Atna, Beaver, Clearwater, Devils_Elbow, Eagle_Way, Foxtrot, Grizzly, Hard_Scrabble, Icy_Pass, Juniper, Onion, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run, Troll, Dot5, Sprint, Stadium
Recommended Wax:
Comments: Long Moose and Kitlope are now groomed, also freshened up the Dog and Troll for the weekend crowd. Snow conditions are excellent but there is some soft spots on the edges of the traditional tracks but skate skiing should be fantastic... As a point of interest all skiers ticket checked today had their passes except for one brand new to xcountry and our Trails and didn't know the routine and purchased/stamped his ticket when shown how....temp about 1 degrees and no wind or rain....

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Happy New Year, skiers! We’ve finally got the snow we’ve all been dreaming of so let’s all get out and enjoy it!

First off: We have a record 412 members! Welcome to all the newcomers! It’s wonderful to see so many new faces on the trails. Feel free to come into the lodge – make yourself some hot chocolate or tea and enjoy the fire. (Light one if it’s not already burning). The water key is kept in the drawer to the left of the stove. Lock the tap when you are leaving the lodge.

If you are a new skier: Think about coming out for a lesson on Saturday mornings, 10:30 a.m. (only on the following dates: Jan. 19; Feb. 2, 9, 16; and March 2, 9). These lessons are free for members, $10 for non-members.

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Hi Everyone! So much has happened in the last month that it’s hard to know where to start! There’s snow on the mountains but sadly, not on the trails so everyone keep thinking snow!

The parking lot expansion is finished and ready for use! Thanks to Anthony Vandermuellen for his always expert work.

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Hello skiers! Happy New Year! And hasn’t it been a glorious autumn? Hope everyone has been getting out and enjoying the fall sunshine.

The Club season got off to a terrific start with our work party on Saturday, Oct. 6. Twenty-five working adults and teens plus numerous small children (picture the 2 year old, clutching his “log” staggering through the trees – too cute!) accomplished a prodigious amount of work!

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Hi everyone! The last Ski Club news letter will be brief but well worth reading.

First and most important: The trails will be closed to public access this summer. This is because the commercial thinning begun last year down by the Dog Trail will continue north through the inside trails. Trucks will be exiting via the parking lot and past the garages. The Dog Trail is open but we advise parking on the Dog Trail itself, not on the Wedeen Forestry Road or in the parking lots.

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Hello everyone! With the snow finally disappearing in town, and slowly thinning down at the trails, we’re starting to wrap up the season. 6 months of good skiing! Who’da thunk it?!

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Hello everyone,

At the risk of repeating myself, what a season we are having! We’ve got better than a meter and a half base, and 99 new members! It just keeps getting better!  OK, that’s 3 exclamation marks in a row, calm down. Thorne!

First the thankyou’s – to Dean Bergstrom and Deo Araujo for putting in 200 hours of grooming in the past month – Thank you so much! And to Anthony VanderMeulen for his countless hours and grooming expertise this whole season. There is no ski season without expert grooming.

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Hello everyone

Holy smoke! What a season! We’ve been going full tilt since mid-November and no sign of let up.

Many thanks to Dean Bergstrom and Anthony vander Meulen for the terrific grooming that has kept us skiers so happy! And another thank you to Deo Araujo who has volunteered to learn and is making much faster progress than yours truly.

We started adult and family lessons in late December and now Jack Rabbits has begun and every Saturday morning sees an incredibly busy lodge and stadium full of kids, and adults, having a blast!

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We're sorry the website has been down, and we have some sleuthing to do to to find some explanations from the company that controls domain names.  The website is back now, and you can return to finding registration forms, JackRabbits program info, grooming reports, events updates, etc.  Am linking here the updates that have been sent out by email recently.  Just so you know, The Jack Rabbits program is full but you can contact Julie if you would like to waitlist your child for the program.  Also, the tickets for the wood carvings raffle are available.  Please contact Sue if you would like to sell tickets or any executive member if you would like to buy tickets.  See photos below.

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Hi everyone…. Umm… you know how I always end my newsletters by saying “think snow”? Well, you can stop doing that now. I was hoping for an early season but this is ridiculous!

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Hello everyone – looks like it’s snow season! If only it would migrate a little further west! We have a ton of good news this month so let’s get started.

Our AGM on Oct. 28 was a success and many delicious deserts were consumed. The new executive is the same as the old one except for the Prez who is now me – Liz Thorne, again. I’m not my first choice but Dan has stepped down as prez and the rest of the crew are really happy where they are sooo…. Here I am.

The official exec. list is:

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Video Of Our Trails!

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