Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 18-01-2018
Packed Trail Base (cm): 30
New Snow (72 hrs): 6
Grooming: Beaver, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run, Troll, Dot5, Sprint, Stadium
Recommended Wax:
Comments: So the runs mentioned have been freshened up today, there is other runs that are quite skiable though...a little bit sketchy around SE corner of the Dog and the intersection of the Short and Log Dog crossover on the West side....very nice snow conditions and it was raining lightly at +1 with no wind when I left tonight at 6:30 pm. THE LIGHTS ARE WORKING!!!

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Hi everyone! Well here it is the beginning of March and the snow is pretty much gone in town BUT, the trails are actually holding up surprisingly well. A tribute to our tireless groomers and a solidly frozen base! The stadium is going fast but the trails will be in good shape for 2 or 3 weeks. So don’t pack up your skis yet! There’s still time to get in a few more circuits of our lovely trails.

The Moose Marathon was a great success this past weekend. The weather cooperated and everyone had a blast.

Also this past weekend, Aidan Carter and Yohannes and Gabriel Vandenberg went to the BC Winter Games in Penticton, and Yohannes came home with a bronze medal in the Sprints! Congratulations Yohannes! And good effort to Gabe and Aidan!

The Lit Trail is giving us a few problems. For a while there we had a LOT of lights out. Most of the problem can be attributed to moisture in the fixtures and replacing fuses works reasonably well. However, there are several lights that seem to be out permanently, except when someone goes out to work on them. Then they’re working again. (it’s true!!)

So Kelly Kline and Terry Brown have spent a lot of time troubleshooting and coming up with solutions. Step one is the purchase of 2 temporary lights to deal with problem spots at the tops of two hills. The other dark spots can be managed by careful skiing and/or head lamps. Part 2 of the solution has to be done in the spring when a bucket truck can get onto the trails. We will buy 6 new LED fixtures and swap out the old ones that can’t be repaired with a new bulb. In the meantime, ski with caution and carry a head lamp.

Many thanks to Kelly and Terry for all the work they have and will put into this.

The Club received a $10 000 grant from the Terrace Community Forest and paid off the new Bear Cat snow mobile!

Thank you to everyone who has donated for our new machines in the last 4 years!

Your executive have now gone skiing and we’re not available for fund raising for a LONG time!

Plans for the coming year include finally cutting a new trail from the top end of the dog trail extension back to the parking lot. This will keep everyone off the logging road except when crossing it directly from the parking lot gate. Terry Brown and Jim Thorne have been laying it out to include a few hills (small) and some interesting terrain so we can get away from straight as a ruler logging road type trails. Something to look forward to!

This coming Saturday, March 5, is the great Rabbits Wrap up! The Track Attack kids are heading out to the Moose for a cook out, and everyone else will playing in the stadium. Hotdogs are on the menu. We will also be collecting all the rentals skis. Sorry, no exceptions this year.

We’re going to be having a work party to wax and store the skis after spring break. When the call goes out, please answer. A good way to burn out your executive is by leaving it all to them.



Executive Profile: Dan McElheron

There’s a good story about Dan and me. He came on the Board about 7 years ago and after about a year we got talking and figured out that we were in the same grad class in North Vancouver! Then I remembered the oDan ld story. See, what Dan really loves is fishing. And right on schedule, the Coho were running in the Capilano River so Dan took a few days off school to go after them. Well our Social Studies 12 teacher took a dim view of this and imposed a detention. Dan thought about it a bit and then went fishing again. The SS12 teacher, Mr. McKee as I recall, went ballistic in a way teachers don’t do any more and imposed more detentions which Dan eventually served… after the Coho had stopped running. McKee nicknamed him “Coho” for the remainder of his high school career.

Which doesn’t explain why Dan was willing and able to spend 4 years patiently filling out grant application forms, reading the rejections, never getting discouraged, always coming up with another idea and always providing the leadership needed to keep the executive positive.

Dan is one of our most prolific skiers, out on the trails as soon as there’s a few inches of snow on the ground and there until he has to walk more than he slides to get around. It’s been a long term of office for Dan and we’re looking for more board members to support him. Think about it. And let him know you appreciate the new machinery!

And last but not least, we’d really like to extend our season a bit this spring so

Think snow!

Think snow!

Think snow!

Liz Thorne

(past prez)

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club

Video Of Our Trails!

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