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Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 23-03-2019
Packed Trail Base (cm): 20
New Snow (72 hrs): 0
Grooming: Atna, Beaver, Clearwater, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run
Recommended Wax:
Comments: Its getting pretty thin on all runs listed except the Dog which is still holding up pretty good...there is puddles and some dirt in places but not bad overall...it was starting to freeze when I left.

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Hello Everyone! Just a few items as we wrap up the season.

We had a successful gathering of the skis work party. Not only did most of the skis come back but thanks to Yohannes and Gabriel Vandenberg and Amy Klepetar, they were all waxed before they got put away! Hurray!

We are missing several pairs of boots, however, and we don’t know who has them. We got a little excited by all that snow in December and paper work got missed! So… could you please have a look among your boots in the garage or basement and if you have the club's boots, the drop-off for them in Terrace in Dan's house (4621 Souci) or in Kitimat at 32 Margetts (Liz). Thanks.

This is the fastest we’ve coming to completing inventory ever, and we’d love to get it all done before the end of the month!

Rabbits wrapped up a very successful season again and are looking towards next year already. One thing we know for sure is that we’re going to need some more assistant coaches. We have a couple of volunteers but we need a few more. The Introduction to Community Coaching course is for those who have never helped out before. It takes a Friday evening and full Saturday and when completed, we partner you with an experienced coach and you help out as needed.

If you already have the ICC and would like to try your hand at being the lead coach, then the Community Coaching Course is for you and Travis will be offering it this fall.

Dates will be announced as far ahead of time as we can so you can plan. Think about it! It’s fun.

We’ve also run short of Instructors for adult lessons. If you’d like to help out with this then we plan to offer a Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI) course. It teaches you how to teach skills and at the same time gives you an really good refresher course for yourself.

The Club reimburses members for these courses after you have coached for one year.

One other reason we need coaches for next year is that our school group participation jumped hugely this year and Travis and Terry found it a bit exhausting. These groups come on week days during school hours (of course) so we need retirees or people who have days off during the week and don’t mind using them to coach kids (like Travis). So please think about it. I have to tell you, it’s a lot of fun!

If you are interested, contact Travis Carter – email here

Members should be aware that the Terrace Cubs and the Terrace Search and Rescue will be camping out at our lodge on the weekends of May 15 and June 4, in case you were planning to come out and find the place occupied.

If you belong to a community group that might like to use the lodge for an event, contact an executive member. It’s easy to arrange, fits perfectly with the multi-use concept, and increases the security of our facility. Some lead time is needed.

Work Parties: Note the plural.

June 11 and 25 are the days and the jobs to be done are as follows:

Paint the inside of the big, new garage white – it will reflect the light and make it easier to work in there.

Paint the railings on the Moose Hut, brush around it, do any small repairs that are required.

Split some more fire wood and fill the empty side of the wood shed – and then no more wood for 4 years!!

There will be some carpentry work to do as well – decking for sure.

Please keep the dates in mind.

Found: A ring. To identify and claim, call/email Liz (contact here) after April 25. (cuz I’m out of town til then)

More Found: mitts, hats, toques, snow pants. Claim in the lodge before it all gets donated to a worthy cause.

That’s it folks! Happy spring! Go plant your garden!

Don’t forget to summer wax your own skis!

Liz Thorne

(past prez)

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club