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Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 23-03-2019
Packed Trail Base (cm): 20
New Snow (72 hrs): 0
Grooming: Atna, Beaver, Clearwater, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run
Recommended Wax:
Comments: Its getting pretty thin on all runs listed except the Dog which is still holding up pretty good...there is puddles and some dirt in places but not bad overall...it was starting to freeze when I left.

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Hi everyone! The snow is finally on the mountains and that means that ski season is coming! (So I went and bought new skis! Yay!)

I’m not the only happy skier around; we’ve got over 60 members already signed up for this season, who therefore have their name in the Nov. 11th  draw for a free membership for the 2017-2018 ski season. There will be another draw on Dec. 1st and CCBC (Cross Country BC) will then be counting memberships and awarding prizes to the club with highest percentage of last year's membership totals, so get your forms in (mail) or go online to sign up! Remember, the Early Bird gets the prize!

(And if you can add to the prize cache for even more prizes for the Nov. 11 and Dec. 1 draws, let us know! We have an Olympic-issue back pack and a handwoven wool blanket to be given away to lucky earlybirds!)

Fall preparations are proceeding apace. Our work party 3 weeks ago saw the kitchen thoroughly cleaned and a new sign put up in the lodge and much work done on the trails.

This weekend a second party was out on the Moose bucking up felled trees and stacking firewood. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work!

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up fast on Friday, Oct. 28th starting at 7:30 pm at the Lodge. We’re looking for a good turn out as, due to unavoidable circumstances, several executive members won’t make it. It’s very embarrassing when we can’t make a quorum! Awesome baking will be there too, especially if you bring some. Kids are welcome!

Most of the executive positions have willing volunteers to carry on for another year, but we do need a secretary for this season. Thanks to Maureen O’Connell for her services the past 2 years. We would also like some more directors-at-large to come on board. This will bring new ideas and energy into the executive and it’s a lot of fun to work with this bunch. Why not try it?

Dean Bergstrom is looking for help grooming this winter. Cliff Doiron has moved to Ontario (and we’re very sad) and Jim and Anthony will not always be around this winter, so…

….Hey Snowmobilers! Wanna try a Bearcat?! Pulling the Ginzu is a great way to get into grooming and it’s not difficult. Call Dean 250 615 2016 if you’re interested.

Which still leaves Dean and Tony as the only groomers who can operate the Snow Kiti – they need help! – so if you’re a machine operator and have time (and grooming is time consuming), then please give Dean a call.

We’re also looking for retirees (or any skiers who could be available to help during school hours) to assist with coaching school groups. This is a lot of fun and last year we had 3 school groups participating but Travis can’t do it all on his days off so if you can help out please contact someone from the executive.

As some of you may have heard, the Pacific Futures Oil Refinery has a proposal out to build a refinery behind our trails. In fact, their top north east corner will parallel the Moose Highway for about 200 meters. The proposal is going to an Environmental Assessment and we feel it’s important to have a voice at that table. To have that, we have to apply for funding and at the last meeting the executive appointed Terry Brown and me to fill out the application and find some experts to testify on our behalf.

We have two concerns: 1. The human health aspect. We’re exercising out there and what will be in the emissions of an oil refinery? And what effect will they have on us? 2. We’re on the “edge” of the snow line most seasons lately, and will the flares, emissions etc. create a warmer micro climate that reduces our snowfall to rain?

Terry and I are on the hunt for anyone who can tell us about this. It’s a complex, political dance involving lawyers and review panels and very tight budgets. If you’re interested in helping out, I’m not sure with what, because this is all new to us, then send me an email.

On a brighter note, Dan is positive we’ll be skiing by Nov. 26th. It’s his birthday and he usually comes up for a ski to celebrate. So be ready!

And lastly I’d like to take a moment to thank Cliff Doiron for his roughly 20 years of volunteering for the Club. In the beginning he skied as well as groomed but eventually he settled into just grooming. Cliff always held safety to be his chief concern and he always had that in mind as he went round the trails, looking for overhanging branches, turns that were too tight or places where the snow conditions were not optimum. If you ever got to the trails early in the morning and the tracks were pristine, it was usually because Cliff had been out since 4 am. Thank you Cliff, from all of us! Best of luck in Hawksbury!

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print, folks.

Think snow!

Liz Thorne

(past prez)

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club