Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 21-02-2018
Packed Trail Base (cm): 150
New Snow (72 hrs): 1
Grooming: Beaver, Jackrabbit Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run, Troll, Dot5, Sprint
Recommended Wax:
Comments: I widened a portion of the moose , but with lots of tiller pressure. If it is a little soft the snow should set up over night , the Dog Run and the Beaver look great for both classic and skate skiing , Anthony

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Hello everybody, and a Happy Spring to all! What a jumble of a year it has been! First we worried that winter wasn’t coming. Then that it was going too fast and then was it ever going to go!? However, we skied until mid-April this year with only one missed week in February when we thought we were doomed!

So first things first! HUGE thanks to Dean Bergstrom and his merry band of groomers: Anthony Van der Muelen, Jim Thorne, BJ Houghton, Erich Strechenbach, and Gabe and Yohannes Vandenberg. Without these guys, we wouldn’t have skied at all so…Thank you all, for a great season!

In case you were wondering, financially the Club will just about break even this year. We’ll have a few hundred dollars left for summer trail work projects. This means that not much will happen since trail work with machines costs thousands. However we do have some money from the Ministry of Forests to pay for needed lighting maintenance and replacement so that will happen. Many thanks to Kelly Klein and Stefan Mueller for doing this lighting work for the club!

The Rental Committee held their ski return and inventory work party on April 1st. Many adults and teens collected, inspected, waxed, and stored almost 200 pairs of skis and their accompanying boots and poles. Huge vote of thanks to the teens: Gabe, Yohannes, Blaise, and Abel Vandenberg, Renzo Zanardo, Aidan Carter, Aiden Hrynkiw, and the Block family (Conner, Owen and Luke) for all their help! Unfortunately, at the end, we were still missing 5 pairs of boots and 1 pair of adult men’s Madshus skis. Could anyone who rented anything please have a look in your garage/basement/shed and see if you passed over them? We’d appreciate getting them back. Thanks.

As most of you know by now, there is a proposal to build an oil refinery to the south and east of the Moose Highway. It’s at the very beginning of the environmental assessment stage. Our Club will be hosting a community information workshop offered by Dr. Greg Halseth of UNBC who has studied the impact of large industrial projects on small communities throughout the North. It will be held over 2 days on May 16 and 17 (Tuesday and Wednesday). If you are interested in attending, please contact me (Liz Thorne) before May 10.

The executive will be holding the annual budget setting meeting on Saturday, May 13 at the Lodge. If you have any ideas about how we should allocate our budget next year, please feel free to contact any executive member before that date.

Coming event: Work Party!! Saturday, May 27, 10 am. ‘til ? There’s lots to do to “summer proof” the lodge and get some basic trail work done. Bring work gloves and come by for whatever amount of time you can give to the Club. We always have fun!

Fund Raiser: Joerg Jung (also known as “JJ”) is a wood carver and chainsaw carver in Terrace. He has generously agreed to create 3 carvings for the Club to raffle off. The first one (an owl) is now complete and the second one is almost done. The last one, a bench, will be ready in the fall. Then we will begin to sell the raffle tickets. Check out JJ's website here. Thank you, JJ, for this very generous gift!

If anyone has any experience in organizing raffles could you please contact me asap? I need some advice!

Lost and found: photo attached, below. Claim your clothes and other ski gear soon before they get donated to a thrift shop!

And finally, Dan has locked the gate so we can all stop thinking snow and start gardening, hiking, paddling, sailing, fishing……


Liz Thorne

                        (past prez. SVNSC)


Video Of Our Trails!

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