Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 18-01-2018
Packed Trail Base (cm): 30
New Snow (72 hrs): 6
Grooming: Beaver, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run, Troll, Dot5, Sprint, Stadium
Recommended Wax:
Comments: So the runs mentioned have been freshened up today, there is other runs that are quite skiable though...a little bit sketchy around SE corner of the Dog and the intersection of the Short and Log Dog crossover on the West side....very nice snow conditions and it was raining lightly at +1 with no wind when I left tonight at 6:30 pm. THE LIGHTS ARE WORKING!!!

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We're sorry the website has been down, and we have some sleuthing to do to to find some explanations from the company that controls domain names.  The website is back now, and you can return to finding registration forms, JackRabbits program info, grooming reports, events updates, etc.  Am linking here the updates that have been sent out by email recently.  Just so you know, The Jack Rabbits program is full but you can contact Julie if you would like to waitlist your child for the program.  Also, the tickets for the wood carvings raffle are available.  Please contact Sue if you would like to sell tickets or any executive member if you would like to buy tickets.  See photos below.

Early Bird Prize Winners

Christmas 2017 Newsletter


Raffle! Tickets are now available for sale. The beautiful carvings donated by JJ’s WoodArt can be placed on Dean’s trailer and taken to wherever there is a crowd to display the prizes and sell tickets. Juliana White has painted a great backdrop for the display. Many thanks to her and JJ! Posters with photos and a list of all the projects we have in mind for the profits are also available. Sue has even figured out how to do e-transfers for ticket purchases.


                 First Prize:  wooden bench with carved eagleFirst prize:  bench with carved eagle


 Second Prize:  carved owl2nd prize owl









                                                                      Third Prize:  moose antler with moose and calves in carving3rd prize moose










New Dog Trail map 

The final completion of the Dog Trail is proving hugely popular. Remember, you enter it now just kitty corner to the parking lot. Please watch for logging trucks during the week; they do slow down at our trails but don’t depend on them being able to stop. Always keep your dog leashed until you’re well down the trail. Also, please pick up after your dog, it’s becoming a health hazard for the animals, both wild and doggy trail

Video Of Our Trails!

Latest Events

Sat 20 Jan 10:00AM -
Jack Rabbits
Sat 20 Jan 10:30AM - 04:00PM
rental shed open
Sat 20 Jan 10:30AM -
Adult Lessons
Sun 21 Jan 01:00PM - 04:00PM
rental shed open
Sat 27 Jan 10:00AM -
Jack Rabbits
Sat 27 Jan 10:00AM -
Snow Valley Open
Sat 27 Jan 10:30AM - 04:00PM
rental shed open
Sun 28 Jan 01:00PM - 04:00PM
rental shed open
Sat 3 Feb 10:00AM -
Jack Rabbits
Sat 3 Feb 10:30AM - 04:00PM
rental shed open
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