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Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 03-11-2018
Packed Trail Base (cm): 0
New Snow (72 hrs): 0
Recommended Wax: n/a
Comments: A new snow season will be upon us very soon, hopefully. If you have not already done so, renew your membership now, before the rates go up on Dec 1st. JT

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Hi everyone! The last Ski Club news letter will be brief but well worth reading.

First and most important: The trails will be closed to public access this summer. This is because the commercial thinning begun last year down by the Dog Trail will continue north through the inside trails. Trucks will be exiting via the parking lot and past the garages. The Dog Trail is open but we advise parking on the Dog Trail itself, not on the Wedeen Forestry Road or in the parking lots.

We finished this year with a profit which the Executive has decided to spend on garage upgrades, roof repairs, and a new gate on the Troll Trail. We have a few other irons in the fire that we’ll let you know about in the fall.

A grant from the Terrace Community Forests will see some major pruning and solar light installations on the Troll Trail – kids can night ski too! (I mean, they will be able to next winter.)

I want to take a minute to thank Dean Bergstrom for the immense amount of work he has put into planning all these projects and then getting them done! I am so grateful to him for doing all this work that I know nothing about. Thank you Dean!

We have decided to wait until September for the next work party. That will be the firewood cutting and stacking effort. We have to fill the wood shed again but there’s lots of wood close by and it’s well seasoned. So it’ll be fairly easy if we get lots of people out.

We had to do an annual report for the Ministry of Forests (our land lord) this year including a listing of volunteer hours. As we hadn’t done this before we did an estimate as close as we could figure and came up with about 60 volunteers putting in 4343 hours! This is probably a little low.

So for the cooks who ran the Snow Flake Café, the rental shed volunteers, the Jack Rabbits coaches, the adult instructors, the school group coaches, the groomers, the fixers, the race and event volunteers, and finally the executive – thank you all so much for the effort you all put in this year. We had an amazing season, we enjoyed every minute of it and we hope to do it again next year!

Until September – Have a great summer!




Liz Thorne (da prez. SVNSC)    email Liz