Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 18-01-2018
Packed Trail Base (cm): 30
New Snow (72 hrs): 6
Grooming: Beaver, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run, Troll, Dot5, Sprint, Stadium
Recommended Wax:
Comments: So the runs mentioned have been freshened up today, there is other runs that are quite skiable though...a little bit sketchy around SE corner of the Dog and the intersection of the Short and Log Dog crossover on the West side....very nice snow conditions and it was raining lightly at +1 with no wind when I left tonight at 6:30 pm. THE LIGHTS ARE WORKING!!!

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Hi folks, Travis here with a little info. and request from the members for this up coming weekends Moose Marathon on Saturday the 27th.
Distances to will be approx. 1.5 km’s, 5 km’s, 10 km’s, 15 km’s and 30km’s! Download the PDF of the Race Notice.
30 Km distance to start at 10 am.  All others will start at 11 am. These will be mass starts with all participants heading out all at once.  One start for the 30 ker’s (at 10 am) and one start for all others at 11 am.
Race courses will include the jack rabbit and stadium area for the 1.5 and all others will be out on the moose hwy. and back via the rainbow (snow permitting).  Turn arounds for the 5 will be at the turnoff for the Loone Wolf , 10 K’s do the short moose loop, 15’s do the whole moose loop and 30’s do 2 laps.
It will be a free technique race, so if you want to skate, skate and if you want to classic you can do that too.  We will be pretty relaxed on the timing and all will get a choco bar to celebrate them crossing the finish :)
PLEASE EMAIL ME  WITH THE DISTANCE YOU OR YOUR CHILD WOULD LIKE TO SKI BY THURSDAY(Email here)  This helps me to figure out who is doing what, get you some bib numbers and get all organized.  
Registration (in the lodge) will open up by 9 am for the 30 ker’s. All others can show up for bib pick up to 10:30.  (please be there by then for the sake of organization! )  
We expect that all bunny, rabbits and track attack children will be participating :)  Bunnies still need their parents to participate with their children (it might take some of them a little while to get around the whole JR loop :) 
There won’t be a regular rabbits session but like at the Snow Valley Open there will be coaches around to help warm up the kids before they take off at 11 am.  Once the kids are done their race distance they will be back in the care of their parents if they were out there on their own.
Snow flake cafe will be open as per usual.  Soup and a bun for all racers!
Hope that is everything…oh yeah if you would like to volunteer to make this great event email me and let me know.  I will find you a job.

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