Trail Conditions Sunday Jan 29th 4pm

2 years 3 months ago #30 by dcmcelhe
Skied Short Moose out to Kitlope Junction and back, good Classic and reported good Skate conditions on most of Moose. Liz skied back through the Bonzai, said passable but thin in spots.
Jim ran out to Kitlope and down to the Moose Hut with the Yamaha and old tow bar. He was able to lay down a respectable set classic track. He did not do the Bonzai. He also set a track on Rabbit and Beaver. Says Beaver is sketchy in spots and not recommended.
Jim did this today while the snow was still soft enough to take a track. Temperatures are about to drop (forecast) and the trails should freeze up. The plan after that is to use the ginzu in the center portion to deal with the ice. We need some fresh snow!
Apparently an ATV drove onto the Dog_Run today :( The Doggie is believed to be still full of standing water.
The Parking lot is in good condition, temperature in the Stadium was +1C occasional showers\flurries. Dan McElheron

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