News Regarding Trail Conditions and Grooming Jan. 30

2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #31 by cath v
(Jim Thorne's report)
We have lost most of our snow & desperately need more. But it is not all doom & gloom.

Most of the Moose Highway is actually in pretty fair condition & well worth skiing.. Other trails that are skiable are Snowbound & the first part of Beaver that connects with Snowbound.

The Dog Trail was in very poor shape on the weekend with numerous pools of water & slush. I expect that it has dried up somewhat, but that we cannot put any machine on it to groom it at the present time. I will inspect it tomorrow..

I have done some grooming yesterday & today. Yesterday, before the snow froze, I set new nordic tracks on much of the Moose, as well as Beaver & Snowbound. Today, with the snow frozen tight, I was able to use the Ginzu to roughen up the middles on Moose, (not the loop or the leg via Bonsai Park), Kitlope, Rainbow, Snowbound & Beaver. This should make it easier to get up & down hills, & might help skate-skiers too.

Though I have done work on the Beaver it is in poor shape, as there are quite a number of very icy spots that were slush ponds a couple of days ago.

If coming out in the evening to ski under the lights, be aware that most of the lit trails are not in good condition. The exception to this is the loop via Moose, Snowbound & reverse up the first part of Beaver back to Jackrabbit. The 1 km Jackrabbit loop is also okay. .

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